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We partner with brands that want to build a better world.

By putting people into the heart of the conversation, we help businesses navigate the labyrinth of ESG to guide solid actions for achieving ESG goals.

Using cutting-edge approaches to data collection and analysis, talking with people other agencies can’t reach, and combining this with our diverse research skillset and expertise in culture and trends, we deliver ESG insight for the future.

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We’re called ‘People & Planet’ for a reason: we believe that the solutions lie with us

Our Approach

to fit

We don’t do cookie-cutting, we tailor bespoke approaches to address specific challenges and unlock opportunities for the goals of each brand.


Using our global network of cultural and creative lifestyle innovators and Co-Lab, our community panel of engaged mainstream consumers, we find real people – and the right people for each and every project.

Research Specialisms

From Behavioural Science to Commercial Semiotics, AI to Culture & Trends, we use our specialist practice areas to deliver the depth and breadth needed to truly understand consumers’ view of ESG.

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Focus Areas


Translating ESG values into an authentic and meaningful brand expression, anticipating future twists and bumps in the road to guide the best route forward.

Product Development

Developing products and services that reflect ESG values, are appealing to customers and communicated in the most compelling way.

Regulatory Compliance

Having confidence in regulatory change through understanding customer impact and knowing how to make the experience of change as positive as possible.

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Success Stories

Creating a clear and compelling lexicon to describe green energy propositions

We’ve been helping both E.ON and E.ON Next to understand customers’ expectations of their energy provider for several years.

Building and evolving EV propositions around the changing needs of EV drivers

Shell is accelerating the transition of its business to net-zero emissions, and embeds its sustainability commitment into its strategy, business processes and decision-making.

Refreshing the brand with a bolder and more confident positioning around quality and ethics

Waitrose has always been known as a supermarket that sells top quality, great tasting food.

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