After three successful years helping leading brands innovate, Verve launches a unique solution for businesses seeking to easily put the customer at the heart of product and service design

Building on their Community Panel heritage and customer research expertise, Verve launches a new practice with an ambition to become the research partner of choice for customer driven innovation.

The new offering is Verve’s answer to a growing interest in agile approaches with many businesses seeking to innovate through fast, iterative work and empirical feedback.

It’s an exciting new development for Verve. We started as the pioneers of Community Panels, that is our heritage and remains our strength. We know that speed is key, agility is a must and understanding the customer is everything. As such, we’re in a unique position to help connect customers to product development throughout the innovation process, leveraging our platform for customers to contribute their ideas and perspectives.

Verve Innovation’s unique approach combines the best of Community Panels’ instant access to customers and research know-how. It is the ideal innovation sandbox: a controlled and collaborative research environment meeting client need for bespoke programmes, as well as 7 day or 24 hour feedback.

We’ve seen a profound transformation in the way our clients have to innovate to keep ahead of the curve. This has challenged us to rethink how market research approaches innovation: we have to adapt our ways of working to a greater need for flexibility and collaboration. This doesn’t only mean faster insight delivery, but an ability to effectively put the customer and the research expertise at the heart of innovation, in a way that works for all stakeholders.