Verve Hackathon is an agile approach which delivers both pace and quality. It is based around cross functional employee collaboration – an approach originally used to solve computer programming problems in tech companies – but now applied to developing products and propositions which customers are going to value and want to buy.

Uniquely Verve Hackathon brings the customer voice into the process to help focus efforts on strong ideas and lay to rest those which don’t hit the mark.

It’s a great way of unlocking the significant knowledge employees have of their own company’s capabilities and developing fresh ideas of how it can deliver for customers.

“Plugging in” the customer voice to the process as the ultimate arbiter of what good looks like is the key trick. This ensures those ideas which customers are going to want to spend their money on are fast-tracked and those which don’t hit the mark are quickly killed off!

Verve Hackathon has been developed in association with several of Verve’s clients and is now being rolled out as part of Verve’s Innovation practice which was launched in July 2017


Ana Garcia, Marketing Director

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