From ‘feta pasta’ and ‘butter boards’ to ‘cloud eggs’ and ‘negroni sbagliatos’ – viral TikTok trends generate millions of views and are behind soaring sales as people try to recreate what they’ve seen.

But what underlying cultural shifts are influencing how we cook, eat and drink?

In our new report ‘The Future of Food & Drink: How TikTok is influencing the way we eat’ we move beyond the viral videos and uncover the deep-rooted human needs that sit behind the trends.

We reveal the 8 cultural shifts shaping the future of food and drink culture #SexyFood, #TackyEats, #WildCooking, #ShopperLife, #AuditoryEats #FantasyFood, #FoodTherapy - and understand how brands can tap into these shifts to stay relevant to changing needs and drive commercial success.

Explore the in-depth findings – starting with an AI analysis of thousands of #FoodTok videos, through to an expert cultural and semiotic human analysis using Verve’s human values framework.

Access our report covering 8 influential cultural shifts for commercial success