All the talk last week about the one year ‘anniversary’ since lockdown started in the UK got us thinking about Anna Williams’ webinar from March 2020 where, even before we’d embarked on a hugely transformational year for digital qual, we talked about using pop-up communities to deliver projects more effectively than traditional methods.

Since then, we’ve seen an explosion in the use of digital qualitative research. Whilst this has been driven in part by necessity, we’ve found through discussions with clients and industry friends, that a good number of minds have been changed. Those who were, perhaps, more sceptical about the impact, effectiveness and reach of digital qual have had their eyes opened to its true potential after a year of ‘enforced’ online-only contact. Consumers, too, have learnt to adapt in ways that mean digital methodologies are truly inclusive – we’ve had many focus group respondents learn to use Zoom for the first time this year, opening them up to a whole world of market research participation!

In a year where it has been more important than ever to understand consumer mindsets, the overwhelming majority of market research projects – from the tactical to the foundational – have been conducted online. As an industry, we’ve guided government policy and advised on major business decisions, almost exclusively using a channel that was seen as a ‘poor cousin’ only a few years ago.

With confidence in digital qual as high as it has ever been, now feels like a good time to revisit the tried-and-tested, best practice principles that govern these research approaches.

Have a listen to our webinar and get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how we can use our expertise to deliver smarter insight for your business.