Verve have rolled out a new, fast-build community panel service.

With many of the benefits of a long-term community panel, Verve-Lite offers clients up to 2,000 customers and a flexible package of fully-serviced qual, quant or mixed-method projects on a pay-as-you-use basis for an initial period of 3-months.

With no set up fees, tech or platform fees and the option to roll on, stop or upscale to a full blown community panel, Verve-Lite means clients can get started quickly, and without long-term financial commitment upfront.

Over the last 8 weeks our clients have been using their community panels more than ever to understand the rollercoaster of consumer emotions, needs and behaviours. Being able to generate insight in near real-time means we can help inform tactical decision making as well as future strategic change.

The concept of Verve-Lite is to take away any long term financial commitment associated with using a community panel approach, therefore allowing more clients to have access to customer insight whenever they want. Above all else, it’s a very powerful opportunity to help brands understand the changes they will inevitably see in customer behaviour from here on in - and adapt their business models to keep up!

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