Verve's Annual Client Seminar 2018

Andrew Cooper
- 04 Jul 2018
Andrew Cooper
Verve's Annual Client Seminar 2018

Verve’s Annual Client Seminar 2017 - View the video

Samsung logo

Using a VIP community approach to understand a key target audience for Samsung – millennials.

Samsung talked about how a Verve pop-up community approach is helping them understand Millennials in the Nordics.

The session focused on how the use of social tools and technology – a destination website; the Verve2GO app; live immersion sessions etc. – is helping to engage a hard to reach audience, bring their experiences to life and support targeted insight objectives.

One great example of this involved a product trial which brought to life the journey Millennials go on when switching from one smartphone ecosystem to another and culminated in a F2F workshop which immersed the Samsung team in how Millennials really use their devices and the emotional connections they form with brands as a result.

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A digital pop-up community that allowed international research to be done quicker, and better, bringing IFPI closer to consumers in China.

IFPI - the organisation that represents the interests of the recording industry worldwide – shared their experience of how a pop-up up community approach helped them to understand music consumption in China.

The presentation covered how a digital approach enabled us to capture behaviours in real-time and then interrogate the drivers behind these behaviours, avoiding any bias from a purely retrospective approach. We worked closely with the IFPI, co-ordinating the research from London, while getting live input from stakeholders in China, ensuring the research consistently adjusted to the feedback shared by consumers along the way.

The research helped IFPI to better understand the closely-linked entertainment ecosystems in China and the pain-points of overly-complicated payments packages, as well as unearthing the underlying feelings behind the “tipping for entertainment” mindset in the market.

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Verve Hackathon: better innovation at pace.

Virgin Holidays discussed a recent hackathon - an intense and exciting innovation event, which culminated in a 2-day ideation workshop with overnight customer research.

The hackathon took Virgin Holidays stakeholders on a journey from ideation to concept validation in just 5 days, using rapid customer feedback to inform and validate ideas from employee ideation activities. As well as creating new ideas the Hackathon enabled Virgin Holidays employees to engage with the innovation process in a genuinely customer-centric way.

YourGood Skin logo

Taking an agile approach to optimising the YourGoodSkin brand positioning.

Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) shared their experience of a recent study where a re-evaluation of the YourGoodSkin brand positioning was delivered in 4 weeks.

In order to feed into a strategic planning meeting YourGoodSkin needed to understand the best combination of 24 different variables, across both the UK and US but did not have the time for a sophisticated trade-off exercise such as Conjoint.

Instead, Verve and WBA developed a research approach that mimicked the findings of a Conjoint exercise via a series of short, engaging tasks. This ensured that the research could be run in 2 weeks instead of 8 and delivered high quality, actionable insight that directly impacted on brand strategy and the implementation of an upcoming advertising campaign.