Verve opens in Chicago to support major Fortune 50 client win

Ana Garcia
- 21 Sep 2015
Ana Garcia

Chicago, 21st September 2015. Verve opens in Chicago. Tim Martin, VP Research and Consulting, moves from Verve London. Team rapidly building to support demand from major Fortune 50 client contract and other wins.

The Research and Consulting team at Verve Chicago is supported in North America by Verve’s research operations team in Toronto, headed up by Suzanne Costa (SVP Operations) former VP of Operations at Research Now in North America.

Verve CEO, Andrew Cooper, states “North America is a very exciting opportunity for Verve. We feel that there is a clear and substantial gap in the market for a full service Community Panel specialist. We do a full range of qual and quant research – from the day-to-day right through to range of leading edge techniques such as Behavioural Economics, eye tracking and ‘In-the-Moment’ for example”.

Cooper continues “We have a world class software platform upon which our proposition is based but we don’t sell Software as a Service (SaaS); rather our clients are able to gain strong ROI from our full service, fully managed Community Panels proposition. Our job is to provide great end to end service and insight which makes our clients look great in front of their stakeholders!