The meaning of Verve

Beatrice Zornek
LDN - 14 May 2015
Beatrice Zornek


  1. Energy and enthusiasm.
  2. Vitality; liveliness.

It’s not just a randomly chosen company name. I’ve seen a lot of good (and bad) company names, and in this case, it’s altogether a mentality. Most companies advertise themselves as fast-paced, friendly and offering great career progression. So, how do you differentiate yourself in a world that’s becoming more and more competitive, trying to attract the best talent, and standing out of a crowd of companies that all claim to offer all the stuff you do – and maybe more?

My first day at Verve, it struck me: it’s the people. They are different. The vibe – it’s vibrant. They are casual, laying back relaxed in their chairs. Or doing work at the bar table in the kitchen. Having a one-to-one meeting on the sofa. Listening to music on their headphones while working.

Then I thought: OK, this is a fun, relaxed environment. But I’m an ambitious person. I like hard work, and driven, determined people. Is Verve going to be all that?

The (dis)advantage of an open-plan office is that it only takes a 360° look around the office to see everyone’s screens and what they are doing. In my time here, I am yet to see a person spending time on Facebook, having personal calls in the office, spending time on 9gag or disturbing other people. So what makes these people be so hard-working and responsible for their roles, and not seek any distraction?

I thought: Big Brother must be watching, so maybe they fear their boss? But all the senior management, including the CEO, are fair, approachable people. Their attitude is empowering, not micromanaging. And you know what? People are responsible. They love the work they do. Chatting with your friends is not as fun as talking to a client for 4 hours and getting work done together.

Our days are varied and work is fun. Motivating. Enthusiastic.

I went to my first company drinks. I've seen all the good, so I thought that after a few drinks I will find out about the bad and the ugly. What really bugs people in this company? Much to my surprise, what everyone has in common is that they love Verve. Just love it. It’s such a great company to be in. We are respected. Valued. Rewarded. Noticed.

I come to work excited. I have fun, and get home exhausted, but satisfied of my achievements. I've only been here over a month, and every day I can see the results of my work. People value my input and ask for my opinion. They trust me with important decisions. I can be my real self, and people actually like me for it.

That’s Verve for me. It’s a state of mind.

If you don’t believe me, come visit us, spend an hour here, and you will feel it, too.

Does this resonate with you? Verve is recruiting.